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Morphology of flowering plants - The Root, Important topic for NEET

The Root
Mojority of the dicotyledonous plants, the direct elngation of the radicle leads to the formation of Primary Root(Grows inside the soil). It bears lateral roots of several orders that are reffered as Secondary Root.

Primary Root and its branches constitue the Tap Root System, found in docot, development from radicle (i.e - mustard plant)

Fibrous Root originated from the base of the stem, found in monocot (i.e - wheat)

Adventitious Root originated from the part of the plant other than radicle. (i.e - grass, monstera & banyan tree etc.)

The Main Function of Root System

There are basically 4 main functions of Root System.
  1. Helps in the absorption of water and minerals.
  2. Helps to store reserve food material.
  3. Helps in the synthesis of plant growth regulators.
  4. Provide a proper anchorage to the plant part.
Region of the Root

Region of the Root

Root is covered at the apex by a timble like structure called Root Cap.

A few millimeters above the root cap there is region of meristematic activity (dense protoplasm). the cells of this region responsible for the growth of the root in length. This region is called Region of Elongation. The cells of the elongation zone gradully differenciate and mature hence this region is called Region of Maturation. Root hairs develops at the region of maturation.

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Important Topic - Modifications of Root

Roots in some plants change their structure to become modified and performfunction other than absorption and conduction of water and minerals.

They mdified for support, storage of food and respiration..

Hanging structure that support banyan tree called prop roots. similarly, the stems of maize and sugarcane have supporting roots called stilt roots.

In some plants like - Rhizophora growing in (swampy areas - दलदल से भरा), many roots grow out of the ground, grows vertically upwards such roots are called Pneumatophores. They helps to get oxygen for respiration.